The Wall Street Journal: Appeals court rejects copyright protection for monkey’s selfie

Naruto / David Slater This selfie of an Indonesian crested macaque named Naruto quickly went viral. Copyright ownership isn’t monkey business. That is what a federal appellate court ruled Monday, in denying the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ request to bring copyright claims on behalf of a macaque monkey. The animal-rights organization sued … Read more

The New York Post: Despite denials, flight records show Trump stayed overnight in Moscow in 2013

President Donald Trump twice gave James Comey alibis for why a salacious report about the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow involving hookers couldn’t be true — telling the then-FBI director that he hadn’t stayed overnight in the Russian capital. But a Bloomberg News report on Monday that scrutinized flight schedules and social media posts … Read more

The Wall Street Journal: United CEO takes pay cut, board seeks new chairman from within

The board of United Continental Holdings Inc. said Monday it will nominate a new chairman from within its ranks after veteran industry executive Robert Milton opted to leave the third-largest U.S. carrier. Total compensation for Chief Executive Oscar Munoz is also set to almost halve for 2017 compared with the previous year as the airline … Read more

MarketWatch First Take: Google discloses Nest finances, and they aren’t great

Alphabet Inc.’s new financial disclosures made it possible for investors to actually figure out the financial performance of one of its individual businesses, a rarity for Google’s parent company. In the case of Nest, it’s pretty obvious why Alphabet GOOGL, -0.33% GOOG, -0.51%  would try to keep it hidden. The disclosure came from new reporting … Read more

How athletic scandals can tarnish a college — and turn off potential students

A major college sports scandal affects more than the number of banners a school can hang in its gym. When a school’s men’s basketball team is banned from post-season play by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the number and quality of its applicants suffers, a new working paper suggests. The analysis, conducted by researchers … Read more