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Zacks’ Special Report targets 5 stocks to ride an emerging technology with mega-profit potential

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Fellow Investor,

At this very moment, an emerging technology is turning an established, multi-trillion dollar industry upside down.

Several powerful companies are already starting to bring this breakthrough to market, but the large institutional investors haven’t gone “all in” yet.

That means investors can still get in on this trend early enough to make a potential fortune.

Demand for the new technology is forecast to EXPLODE from practically zero to $42 billion in a few short years. Five companies on the leading edge of this development could hand investors tremendous gains in the process.

Imagine that you were back in 2007 when the iPhone was first introduced and someone convinced you to buy Apple stock.

And later that same year, you jumped on Google as their Android mobile operating system was being unveiled.

Then you held those shares as the technological advances played out.

Today, your Apple stock could be worth more than 10X what you paid for it. Google stock more than tripled. Your portfolio would be bursting!

This new technology could produce the same kind of gains.

What if you could target the next consumer tech breakthrough?

  • What if it were already here but the vast majority of investors had no idea how to play it?
  • What if 5 stocks were about to skyrocket as this technology gains market share in a huge global industry?
  • What if these were not penny stocks or roll-the-dice companies? What if they were already strong and rock-solid?

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Driverless Cars: Your Roadmap to Mega Profits

Zacks' Driverless Cars report - Cover

Mass adoption of self-driving cars may sound far off in the futures, but it’s coming sooner and more surely than most people think.

You may have already heard about Tesla’s autopilot feature, a head start in this technology.

Ford plans to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021.

Uber plans to completely replace human drivers with a fleet of self-driving vehicles.

A consulting firm predicts the driverless car market will surge to $42 billion by 2025.


A number of reports are already championing the benefits of this technology. For example, they predict a 90% decrease in the number of car-related fatalities, saving a million lives saved per year. This could result in a savings of more than $200 billion in the U.S. alone.

What’s more, because computers will efficiently space out cars on the road, there will be greater fuel efficiency, less braking and accelerating. Good for the wallet. Good for the planet.

All this suggests that investors who make the right moves early enough could make a ton of money.

Will you be among them?

Our report targets 5 specific stocks with mega-profit potential that look to be the winners of this trend. It also shows what kinds of companies are likely to be the losers.

Best of all, it spotlights one company that just might ring up the most profits of all. (Hint: it’s not Tesla.)

In fact, as you’ll see, auto manufacturers are not the only companies who stand to rack up big gains.

Now in case you’re wondering…