Ray Dalio: Like it or Not, MMT — or Something More Radical — Is Coming

Modern Monetary Theory has languished in obscurity for decades, but according to billionaire investor extraordinaire Ray Dalio, MMT or something even more radical will someday replace central banks across the world. MMT is a philosophy that says governments should manage their economies through spending and taxes — not through interest rates set by a central … Read more

Google Parent Alphabet’s Major Miss Leaves Door Open for Ad Competition

In a week where rivals Amazon.com Inc. and Facebook Inc. both reported stronger-than-expected earnings, one tech giant was left out in the cold: Alphabet. The parent company of Google reported its quarterly sales at $29.5 billion, which was off Wall Street predictions by about $500 million. Those sales excluded payments to distribution partners, according to … Read more

Baby Boomers’ Retirement Crisis Will Be Worse Than the ’08 Subprime Crisis

It’s no secret that the baby boomers’ generation is facing a financial crisis, and a recent article by Real Investment Advice says the crisis will affect more Americans than the subprime crisis in 2008: The pension and retirement crisis. There are three “legs” to the retirement “stool” (check your risk of running out of money … Read more

Amazon Hits High Note with Cloud Computing, 1-Day Delivery Announced

Microsoft wasn’t the only cloud computing winner this week as Amazon announced a 41% revenue growth in its cloud computing business when it released its quarterly earnings Thursday after the market close. Amazon reported a total net income of $3.56 billion, or $7.09 per share for the first quarter. That surpassed analysts’ expectations of $4.61 per … Read more