Cannabis Stocks: What to Expect Under Biden in 2021

[UPDATE] — Cannabis stocks could have a big 2021 … and not just because Democrats will control the White House and the presidency. As my friend and colleague Matt Clark has discussed in his Marijuana Market Update videos, the 2020 election reflected broad public support for legalization, with even “red” states approving legal or medical … Read more

We at Money & Markets Are Thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving from each of us on the Money & Markets team! This week, I asked Chief Investment Strategist Adam O’Dell, income expert Charles Sizemore and Research Analyst Matt Clark to share what they’re thankful for as we near the end of a tough year. We hope you’ll pause today to think about what you’re … Read more

2021 Forecast: Will Markets Fall or Rise Under President Biden?

[UPDATE] — As I wrote on August 20 in the article below, we’ve survived what some called “the most important election in the history of the republic.” Whenever I heard that quote, I thought of Adam Smith, the Scottish-born founder of economics. Following the British loss to the Americans at Saratoga in 1777, Smith’s colleague … Read more

Why Gold Could Beat Stocks for Next 50 Years

It’s the great gold vs. stocks debate. For thousands of years, gold was money. Officially, that all changed in 1971. On August 15, President Richard Nixon gave a speech to the nation announcing a new economic policy. Nixon ended the ability of foreign governments to redeem dollars for gold, turning the international monetary system into … Read more