Pelosi Hints at ‘Imminent’ Breakthrough in USMCA Trade Deal

President Donald Trump’s much-anticipated replacement for the North American Free Trade Act may be getting the final push it needs, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The main snag revolves around House Democrats’ push for more efficient ways to enforce standards concerning the environment and labor, of course, under the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. But … Read more

Mark Cuban Blasts ‘1% Warren,’ Who Is Worth $12M

Dallas Mavericks owner and ABC “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban is the latest billionaire to pile on surging Democratic primary candidate Elizabeth Warren, saying her campaign against the wealthy only diverts “attention from her income and net worth.” Taking to Twitter over the weekend, the billionaire investor, one of many who has made it a … Read more

Shocking White House Report: Half of America’s Homeless Occupy This State

A new report from the White House reveals the homeless population in the United States has ballooned to more than a half-million people. What may come as an even bigger shock is that almost half of that population lives in one place: California. Around 47% of the “unsheltered” homeless population, which is defined as anyone … Read more

‘Unsustainable’ Budget Deficit Swells 34% in October, Should Top $1T in 2020

The federal government, which ended the 2019 budget year with its largest deficit in seven years, began the new budget year with a deficit in October that was 33.8% bigger than a year ago as spending hit a record. The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the deficit last month totaled $134.5 billion, up from a … Read more

Trump Threatened to Crash Turkey’s Economy in Letter to ‘Fool’ Erdogan

U.S. President Donald Trump wrote a candid, rather aggressive letter to Turkish President Recep Erdogan last month in which he threatened to crash Turkey’s economy and warned him to not be a “fool” and become “the devil” over military action in Syria. The letter, sent in October, urged Erdogan to strike a deal with Kurdish … Read more

Bonner: Why a Trade War Win Won’t Boost the US Economy Enough

DUBLIN, IRELAND — The big news leading up to Tuesday was that the president was going to make an important announcement. Bloomberg reported: There’s still plenty of time for equities to recover and gain for a sixth consecutive week, which would match their longest winning streak since they advanced for 10 consecutive weeks over the … Read more

Hillary Clinton: ‘Many, Many, Many People’ Want Me to Enter 2020 Race

“I, as I say, never, never, never say never … .” — Hillary Rodham Clinton Former first lady, Secretary of State, 2008 and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday refused to rule out joining the 2020 Democratic primary field, saying “many, many, many people” want her to join the fray, but also that it … Read more