Largest US Health Insurer Goes on the Attack Against Medicare for All

UnitedHealth, the largest health insurer in the U.S., went on the offensive Tuesday, attacking “Medicare for All” proposals being floated by 2020 Democratic hopefuls in a debate that is sure to catch fire heading into election season. Health insurers have mostly stayed out of the debate so far, but the worst-case scenario for them would … Read more

Greenspan: 10% S&P 500 Rally Correlates to 1% GDP Growth; Economy in Trouble

Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan gave a wide-ranging interview with CNBC on Friday, where he acknowledged just how closely the U.S. economy and stock market are tied together. Greenspan’s rare revelation offers insight into why President Donald Trump is again urging the Fed to lower interest rates and even resume quantitative easing (QE), a controversial … Read more

Cannabis Stocks Light Up After Surveys Show Overwhelming Legalization Support

Cannabis stocks are on fire Tuesday after a three major national surveys of U.S. citizens showed support for legalization is at an all-time high, according to Vox. The latest survey, the recently released General Social Survey by the NORC at the University of Chicago, showed 61% of Americans supported marijuana legalization in 2018, up from … Read more

Warren Buffett’s Favorite ETF is Soaring After a $4 Trillion S&P 500 Rally

Since December’s bloodbath, the S&P 500 has grown a staggering $4 trillion dollars, and exchange-traded fund (ETF) investors are celebrating and betting there’s even more room to run. “You didn’t have to know accounting, you just had to believe in America. And you didn’t have to pick the right stock, you just picked America.” Whenever … Read more

Tom Luongo: Delaying Brexit, Julian Assange Arrest Multiplies Europe’s Problems

Prime Minister Theresa May finally got what she always wanted: To betray Brexit completely. And even though she and the EU agreed on a six-month extension Wednesday, the situation will deteriorate further until there isn’t a functional British political system to negotiate with come October. The most likely outcome after another six months of the … Read more

Forbes: Blame the Fed — Not Capitalism — for Record Wealth Inequality

Wealth inequality in the U.S. has been in the headlines a lot lately, and it’s only going to dot the news landscape more and more heading into the 2020 elections, particularly among the two dozen or so Democratic hopefuls. Forbes contributor Jesse Colombo put a recent article together that notes one statistic in particular shows … Read more