Earnings Outlook: Alibaba earnings: Spending for a future beyond e-commerce

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. dominates online shopping in China, but the company has bigger plans in mind. The Chinese e-commerce giant is investing aggressively as it tries to profit from more aspects of the retail experience, including food delivery and physical stores. These are part of Alibaba’s BABA, +0.46%  “new retail” initiatives, which are meant … Read more

Any-Occupation Policy

What is an ‘Any-Occupation Policy’ An any-occupation policy is a type of disability insurance which categorizes the kind of work for coverage purposes. Any-occupations coverage provides for when the insured is unable to work in a job that is reasonably suitable for them based on their education, experience, and age.  An any-occupation policy terminology, as … Read more

Tesla short sellers are up $1.2 billion since Elon Musk’s ‘going-private’ tweet

Investors betting that Tesla Inc. stock will fall appear to be having the last laugh, at least for now. Tesla TSLA, -8.93%  short sellers are up $1.2 billion in paper gains since the day Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted he was “considering” taking the company private at $420 and funding was “secured,” S3 Partners LLC, … Read more

Typical Debt/Equity Ratios for the Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector comprises different groups of companies that own, develop and operate properties, such as residential land, buildings, industrial property and offices. Since real estate companies usually buy out the entire property, such transactions require large upfront investments, which are quite often funded with a large quantity of debt. One metric that investors … Read more

Garage Liability Insurance

What is ‘Garage Liability Insurance’ Garage liability insurance is specialty insurance targeted to the automotive industry.  Automobile dealerships, parking lots or parking garages operators, tow-truck operators, service stations, and customization and repair shops will add garage liability insurance to their business liability coverage. The policy protects property damage and bodily injury resulting from operations. This insurance is not … Read more

Pipeline Theory

DEFINITION of ‘Pipeline Theory’ Pipeline theory is the idea that an investment firm that passes all returns on to clients should not be taxed like regular companies. Pipeline theory includes capital gains, interest and dividends as returns that should be considered. Also referred to as “conduit theory.” BREAKING DOWN ‘Pipeline Theory’ Most mutual funds qualify … Read more

Focus List

DEFINITION of ‘Focus List’ A focus list is a list of recommended stocks published by an investment firm’s research department. Focus lists generally consist of a small number of stocks that the firm believes are the most attractive opportunities at the time. BREAKING DOWN ‘Focus List’ A focus list is a virtual portfolio that research … Read more

Market Extra: Italy draws fresh scrutiny, as investors eye market risks in aftermath of Turkish-lira crisis

As skittish investors scan for the next trouble spot in the wake of Turkey’s currency dilemma, some market participants are turning a fresh eye to perennial market bugaboo—Italy. The third-largest economy in the eurozone has resurfaced on investors’ radars as its populist government plans next year’s budget, which economists say are likely to expand fiscal … Read more

Fund Overlap

DEFINITION of ‘Fund Overlap’ Fund overlap is a situation where an investor invests in several mutual funds with overlapping positions. Fund overlap can be caused by owning several mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Fund overlap reduces the benefits of diversification for the investor. BREAKING DOWN ‘Fund Overlap’ While small amounts of overlap are to … Read more

Personal Finance Daily: What you should know about recording your coworkers and an important tax change

Happy Friday, MarketWatchers! Don’t forget to read these top personal finance stories as you head into the weekend. I pay all my mom’s expenses, but she wants her estate split equally between her children—should I reimburse myself? This daughter feels like her time and money spent as caretaker have not be fully appreciated. Why job … Read more